Finding a road

I am not the kind of writer who outlines. I do not hash out my characters and plot in advance. I get a notion, start writing, and then it just starts down a road and I follow, rather blithely in most cases, right along.

I am working again, in the beginning stages of a new novel. The beginning is always a bit uncertain, unsteady, but I generally trust myself to find that correct road, the one that might not be the easiest, but will lead me to the end.

This novel is a bit different. I started out with my concept, but the concept is a plot, with a specific end. Plots, I know from. Plots, I can write. But a plot that has a beginning, middle and end spelled out in advance? I’ve just been plopped down at the wheel of a manual transmission car and pointed into the fog.

It’s been said lit fic is about characters who don’t do a whole lot of anything: people without a plot. I like to joke that I write about people who sometimes manage to stumble into a plot. Mostly I want to know about how people interaction, act, react, and the plot is secondary. I’ve never had a plot as a co-star.

There’s also a car as a main character. This billet is getting crowded.

So far, I’m enjoying the ride. I expect to complain, oh, tomorrow, but right now, having no clue what this road is but absolutely sure I must find that sign post for it to end, is kind of fun.

And that’s enough for the car metaphors for the night.


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