There’s not much to see here, and, for that, I apologize but, in the same breath, I don’t.

I’m working, y’all. Like I have a career or something.

I’m in the middle of two projects, having just finished one with Laila; I’ve got submissions to attend to, and editing to roll around in. My blogging, as it is, has fallen by the wayside. I’m not sure if you should be sad or appeased, some kind of grateful. I’m a babbler, so maybe you’re lucking out in being able to simply skim (an aside: I’m a big fan of The Office, and this quote from Kelly Kapor has always, always summed me up: “I talk so much, sometimes I tune myself out.”).

Coming up in the next couple days is a review for a short piece in an erotica anthology. I will be putting it behind a cut, for those of you reading at the office (naughty!), and am also giving a warning for my mother not to read at all. Love you, Mom!

See you all again, soon.


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One response to “Intermission”

  1. Jeannie says :

    I will restrain myself from reading this piece.

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