Review: Bound to Serve (Mina Murray)

I don’t think I’m in a minority when I say I’m drawn to erotic stories about couples, ones that have been together for some time, who have a sort of relationship you can believe stretches out past the pages.


In Sudden Sex, the new anthology edited by the incomparable Alison Tyler, we’re served up stories that park you right in the middle of the action, giving you a one-handed read from the start. What made “Bound to Serve,” by Mina Murray, my cup of tea is, in spite of being thrown into the sex in medias res, it’s easy to feel the two characters have known each other much longer than the span of a couple pages, longer than the orgasm that plays out.

In this tightly-wound piece, the narrator is given the task of confessing her most secret fantasy to her partner, for the two to play out. Her desire to serve as his table comes as a surprise, but certainly a hot one, as, with the help of a porn and spilled bottle of beer, they find a whole new dimension to their play.

“Bound to Serve” takes a view of a D/s scene and gives it a familial, yet still surprising, twist.

You can pick up your copy of Sudden Sex at Amazon.



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