Playing (writing) dirty

smutmarathonbadgeSo, I’m currently in a fun contest known as the “Smut Marathon.” In this contest, a group of writers (15 to start), is given a task once a month or so to write something smutty; at the end of the month, the pieces are put up, blind, and readers vote on the best. The writer with the fewest votes is kicked out, until, after all the rounds, the smuttiest smutter remains.

We’re in our first round, and, as it’s going, I’m doing well! I’m honestly surprised, given the calibre of writing I’m up against and, certainly, the experience of the other writers: as we know, this is a new genre for me– I’ve got some exciting developments on the horizon, but I’m still very much wet behind the ears.

I invite you to check out the submissions (and will continue to remind you over the next few rounds) and enjoy some fresh new writing. As per the rules, I will not tell you which is mine until after (and, on Alison’s blog, she will reveal the writers once voting has closed), but am interested to hear which you think it was!

Some come check out some fun new smut (link is in the image).


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One response to “Playing (writing) dirty”

  1. stavi23 says :

    oooh, very cool. i used to play around with smut. cant wait to check it out. good luck!

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