You’ve got character (also, GIFs)

It may not be clear here, with my irregular and somewhat paranoid blogging habits, but I am rather outspoken about my beliefs and views. I’m the type of person who has to be restrained when I’m offended, and sometimes has no idea when it’s time to shut up.


On the flip side, I’m also a massive introvert, shy to the point of painful, and prefer my little corner than venturing out into the world all that much. Given that writing improves from experience, or at least knowledge, curiosity, I spend a great deal of time researching.

Over the course of my career and non-career (being the times when I wrote a lot of very silly things with no real forward movement), I’ve written about many things, and learned many things. I have learned how to keep chickens, and how one hot-wires a car. I’ve learned how to care for a victim of brain injury and the process by which film is developed and prints made. I’ve also learned a lot about various religions, and that remains one of my favorite subjects.

Writing about something with which you have fundamental disagreements is difficult, but vastly entertaining. I enjoy a challenge, and I also enjoy creating characters I might not necessarily like, were I to meet them, but still would like to convey in a sympathetic manner. Villains  I admit, are not my forte. But objectionable people? Oh yes.


I also understand that my objectionable might not be yours. Therein lies the twist of creating a character who is still believable  even when you (the writer) might very well punch them in the nose should you meet on the street.

Once upon a time, Laila and I were writing something crack-y together (full disclosure: it was forum role-playing. I admit my extreme nerdiness). My character was anti-abortion. She asked me once how I could possibly write him without grinding my teeth into dust, given that I’m your wacky neighborhood socialist liberal pro-choice hippie freak. I’ve donated to Planned Parenthood, I’ve marched for women’s reproductive rights. My character fought, quite loudly, with his girlfriend, in public, over fetal rights.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions (even if I think they’re wrong). I also believe in creating multi-faceted and layered characters. I ALSO believe in exploring ideas and beliefs that are not my own, and, maybe, if I’m successful, forming a sort of understanding of said views.


In truth, I like a challenge, and a stretch – I write mostly about people, and how they interact and react to each other and the world around them. It would be a bore to write characters with only my views, and my life experiences.

I have written anti-choice characters though I am rabidly pro-choice, I have written about Catholics even as I am somewhere in the range of agnostic, I have written about drifters, farmers, army medics, cops, musicians, child prodigies – even a Republic straight-edge teenager named after a president. I have a fascination with people that leads me to learn as much as I can about them, and examine their views in contrast to my own.

Also, this might have been an excuse to use copious GIFs.


On a similar, but not at all note, voting is up for the second round of the Smut Marathon! Head on over and see if you can pick me out, and vote for your favorite character description!


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